Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bag examples

As promised I looked in the photo archive to find some bags based on the method I showed in the tutorial yesterday.
For a Christmas marked I made a bunch of those simple bags out of oil cloth:
For Christmas I made this cow-bag for a friend. The body is made in the way I explained, but instead of two handles I added the flap, a zipper and a long handle to carry over the shoulder. Therefor you prepare all pieces: outer body, inner body with inside pocket, zip with a stripe of fabric added to make it larger, long handle and flap with cow imitating fabric (what is awfully slippery and I would never use it for me). Again you put the two body parts into each other and then you keep thinking while pinning all other parts in place. Sew around the top edge and turn the bag. Then you have the surprise moment when you see if everything is in the right place and if the bag is like you wanted it to be :-)
For this bag I tried an outside pocket that is over the whole side. On top it is closed by a zipper.
This is a little basket I made for a girls grocery store.
And this is already a year old: I made a boys bag for one of my sons. Simple with a flap that is closed by velcro. There is a little pocket on the back outside too.

You see who completely different bags can be made by one simple pattern.

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