Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Attack my overlock

The biggest constraint in my sewing-life is sewing clothes! As a girl I learnt sewing from my mom and she showed me of course how to do clothes too. She has always made some for us and still does for herself. I have seen her doing it and doing it with her together and doing it alone with only her advice from the background: So theoretically I can measure out a body, decide how to chose the right size, prepare the pattern, cut out the fabric pieces, understand the explanations from the pattern book, sew together all the pieces in the right order .... yes theoretically!
In practice I didn't sew a proper cloth the last ..ähhmmm 10 years. Except some easy skirts and a vest that is okay, but isn't my style any more so I never wear it. In fact I stopped trying, as there has been frustration too often. But actually it would be very useful if I could sew things for me that suits me. I am very tall (1,81m) with long legs and even longer arms. I can't find a blouse with sleeves that are long enough - I wear them all as 2/3 sleeves. Jeans are possible to find in Jeans stores, but other trousers not. In France this is even a bigger problem than in Germany as here the average woman is much smaller than me. 
A year ago my husband bought me an overlock machine in discount, because he heard me complaining about I couldn't sew elastic fabric on my machine as it causes always waves around the seam. Very kind and I wanted really to try it out on some simple shirts or others, but I have been also afraid of the frustration and so since one year I only made some jersey loops and some very professional looking seams when turning a trouser into a skirt.

Now the excuses have to stop and I will try harder! Next week I will show you a pyjama trouser that I intent to sew (the fabric is already in the house since 4 month :-))

Today I got out the Overlock from the cupboard to up-cycle an old shirt for my son. Of course after I got all other excuses done - I even repaired the toilette flush, what normally I say is the job of my husband. Then finally after I ate half a bar of chocolate I felt brave enough. This came out. Nothing extraordinary but my boy likes it - probably because of the fire trucks.

This is the most nice fire brigade fabric I have ever seen. Unfortunately I bought only enough to make one loop for my son, who is the biggest fan of fire men. This are the last bits that I used for the shirt. I hope I will find some day more of it.

A bientot,

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