Friday, 28 February 2014

Simply quilting

Last week I wanted to do some free-motion-quilting. Except for my shoulders, who get always tense, I find quilting very relaxing. I don't even need to think very much! 
I quickly made a simple sandwich, added a hole for a bag handle, so I could use the piece of quilt later for a bag. Including the time I needed to sew-turn-iron the handle hole it took me only half an hour to do the first piece. Fun, fun! Until I found out, that I sewed a flap on the backside...
 I corrected it quickly, but after it took me until today to make a second piece.
Quilting little pieces (about 40x45cm) like that is just fun! They are moving so easily under the machine!
To make a bag out of them was a quick job too. I used bias tape to debaste the inner seams. For the top edge I cut a bias binding from the outside fabric and added it with the machine.
Beside that bag I made today some very yummy brownie cookies to welcome the weekend and the winter vacations of the kids. 
Bon week-end pour vous aussi,


  1. Unvorstellbar für mich, dass du das einfach so Freihand gemacht hast - ohne Vorlage! Meine größte Bewunderung dafür!
    Die Tasche ist was ganz besonderes, und du hast bestimmt viel Freude damit!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Veronika, ich freue mich, dass dir meine Arbeit gefällt und du hier vorbei geschaut hast. Ich hab deinen Blog auch schon gefunden und werde mich da die Tage mal durchlesen. Tine