Monday, 12 May 2014

Mothers-Day (2013)

Sunday has been mothers day in Germany. This year I send my mom a self made card and some flowers for her garden - so kind of "normal" gift for that day. Last year I made something more advanced and my mom told me to show it here, as she still thinks it is so nice.
I get inspired by this lady, who is making a lot of fabric insects.
I had a wooden box that I painted white from the inside and made it a showcase for a new sort of butterfly that I created. My mom loves butterflies! It's a little hard to translate, but I gave those insect a name and made up a story about how he is living and what eating and so on ...
From the archive of unexplored natures
Twin striped peas flatter
I couldn't bring myself to pin the poor butterfly to the box, like the biologists do, so he is hanging on his front legs, what allows him to get out and sit on to of the case, when it is opened. He is called peasecod flatter, as the cocoon is looking like a ripe pea. 
I remember how much fun it was to create this box! Do you like it too? 

Otherwise here is not much creativity going on, as we found out on Friday, that we still have a moisture problem after the big leak two weeks ago. I had to clear up my sewing stuff and we had to pick up the floor in some parts in that very room. This is stressing me a lot! Hope that in two weeks we are dry again and I can start on some unfinished projects again. 
Talking of unfinished projects: we call them UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in Germany. Now I learned a new one: PIGs (Projects in a Grocery Sack) I think that one is much more funny and giving the right picture. I like to order my projects in different shoe boxes, but they would fit in grocery sacs too.

A bientôt,

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