Sunday, 25 May 2014

First try on watercolor (aquarell)

Last week I got for my birthday the most nicest box of watercolor-crayons. I have been looking forward to getting them for some month already! (it has been me who chose them and organised the buying from a friend who is working in that factory, so no surprise gift :-))
Happy making colors in a box!
I don't have any experiences with watercolor painting (in German Aquarell). So I just tried out. As I understand right, you first have to make a drawing with the crayons and then take a brush with water to let the colors float a little.
This is the first test with an example from a little brochure that has been with the crayons:
.. and then I started on a flower drawing:
I think the artistic value isn't very high on this drawing, but has been fun trying out the colors and seeing how the colors are drifting in the water. Some colors seem to drift better than others. In some parts it is also a bit smeary.
I will study some more explanation videos on the internet and keep on trying, when I have time. 

For the announcement that I made here: I studied real hard on that topic and also found out lots about the french social insurance system. And this is what stopped me for now going on the path of auto-entrepreneur for selling my stuff. It would have too much impact on our family insurance scheme and (funny to talk about that now while still being in our thirties) also our retirement pension. So I will try out otherwise to stay legal with my selling. Let's test first if anyone will buy my products anyway ....


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