Friday, 30 May 2014

Encoded birthday card

For my dads birthday I made a special card for keen thinkers! 
This is what he got out of the envelope:
A card and a long ribbon with strange lines and points on it. (It's bias tape and I wrote with a black ball pen on it)
So what is to do? You see that there are two slashes in the card. You have to fiddle in one end where there is the little arrow and then wind the ribbon around the card. As I ironed it when preparing for the writing you can still see the marks where it is bending over the edges. My dad is quite clever and I guess he found out immediately!
On the backside you can see a smiley to know you did the wrapping correctly:
And on the front is the message, but encoded in Morse alphabet. Probably it will take my father a while to find out what message it says. 
Do you think I have seen too many spy movies?
I hope my Dad enjoys the game though. I have been so happy doing it. It is hard to craft or sew or handmade something nice for men (especially as my mom is sewing non-stop too). Men have normally less use of deco or little bags or covers ... I am always very happy when I can make a personal and handmade gift for my dad or my husband (my sons are not jet in that age :-)). 


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