Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kitchen set

My kids love playing kitchen and cooking. Since very little they are taking my pots and pans and play. They also like to help me cooking and baking. Of course they are having a little play kitchen as well. When end of 2012 I saw my boys wearing paper bags as chef's hats, I know I had to sew something:
I found this tutorial and made a simple white one and a grey one for us. They are in use ever since! Last month I made one in rose for a little girl and she is also very happy with it. As I know of no kid who don't like to play cooking, I thought this might be a good thing to sell too.
Yesterday I made a set of an apron, a chef's hat and an oven glove:
For the glove I needed several attempts to find the right size for a child's hand. It is cotton fabric outside and molleton inside, so not at all to use on hot items!
I adjusted the hat's dimensions a little. For the headband I took a piece of fabric in 20x65cm. This is wide enough for kids from small to at least 8 years old. With the velcro you can adjust it to every head size.
This is fun and easy work. I will make some more in a bit stronger colors.


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