Thursday, 8 May 2014

Last Pyjama Post

I know, this topic is getting boring. It will be the last (in this year). The next pyjama pants I will sew all in silence :-)
I have a great problem finding nice pyjamas for my boys, as I don't like them to be dressed in cartoon figures and Disney heroes. On weekends or vacation times the kids like to stay in their nightwear to play ... until we want to leave the house. 
Last week I made them comfortable and warm trousers with a pattern I bought here (click) from a sweater-jersey. For the longer trouser I had not enough fabric, so I had to piece the front.
Otherwise I didn't do much. The boys are having spring vacations and we are in a lazy-relax-mode.
I only invented a doudou (french) / Schnuffeltuch (german) / cuddling cloth ? (english). It's soft from the backside and pretty from the front. You can fix on one end either a dummy or a teething ring or a clip to fix it to the kids jacket. It has a lot of different strings and flaps on the edges, so the baby can twiddle with them. 
What do you think? I think its nice and I would like to sell some of them, but first I need a baby to try it out. I have one in mind and will ask the mom to test it and tell me, if it is safe and practical.

A bientôt,

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