Monday, 11 June 2018

airy summer garlands

Not easy to take something so light and delicate on photo!
I did this garlands with the kids of my crafting class. First we decorated the paper with paint bubbles. I loved that, but the kids not so much (Can't understand why - I love messing around with the color). You put water, acrylic paint and one drop of liquid soap in a cup and blow in with a straw until the bubbles rising over the cup. Then you put a paper on it and the bubbles popping on the paper leaving nice traces. We decorated both sides of the paper that way and added some color sprinkles as well. After drying the paper is always a bit wavy, but you can carefully steam-iron it between two towels.
I punched out lots of round discs 
... and also I punched flowers from unicolored paper. We cut out butterflies as well from the bubble paper. 
Then we put together garlands with little wooden pearls to stop the pieces from sliding down.

I fixed my three garlands to a wooden stick to have them all together. I think the effect is nicer when they are together as one alone is very thin and airy so it didn't catch your eye, but three together do. I like them as my newest decoration element and the children from my class loved their garlands too.

A bientôt,

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