Thursday, 22 December 2016

Winter Villages

Seeing several of my decoration crafting of the last years, it is clear that I like wonky houses! You can see for example my dwarf village or the old livingroom wall deco houses.
When cutting out the wooden stars, I kept a lot of scrap wood pieces: triangles and wonky squares. I saw immediately houses! Lots of them! 
For test I build a little village and added some pin trees the type I used for the Advent decoration and voilà: my winter village!
As the charm of those houses is the asymmetry, it is perfect for kids. I invited some friends of my sons and we had the nicest crafting party!
I prepared the trees and the wood pieces, but the kids did the assembly of the houses and the painting as well as the layout of their little villages.
All very different, but each child loved his or her village and we had a fun afternoon together. It makes me happy to do crafting when the kids are so enthusiastic!

A bientôt,

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