Saturday, 3 December 2016

Star addicted

I have a problem: A star-problem! 
Not what you think! I didn't got famous over night! 
I just got addicted to cutting out stars. I don't want to do anything else!
So much fun! My darling bought in summer a very old band-saw. It's heavy and takes a lot of space in the work shop, but it cut's literally everything! I saw my husband working with it, but only now I tried - and yes, now I am addicted. I stop cutting fabrics for cutting wood!

I promised to support the schools Christmas market and therefor I made big stars that are on metal rods and can be planted outside. For decoration in the front yard or in a pot in front of the door for example. 
The first I cut out from nice pine boards that we still had in the basement. They had a clean smooth surface and were easy to paint white and later I and a friend put some golden paint on them too.

Then my friend gave me a plank with a rough surface. I already got splints in my hand when carrying it home. I wasn't delighted by the thought of smoothing the whole surface, when I had the idea to burn the splints of. So I cut out the stars and then I took a blowtorch to burn the surface and sides. It worked great! The splitters where gone and the texture of the wood became very nicely visible. Later we painted only small white stars for decoration in the middle. 

Of course all the big stars left a big amount of scrap wood. I cut out smaller stars. After smoothing, they are very pleasant and soft to touch. I like them best without paint and simple wooden. I sold some of those on the annual private Christmas market and they are around here for decoration too.

My final and biggest star is cut out from a roof beam that another friend of mine had left over from construction of their house. It is 10cm thick, but the saw had no problems cutting. The cut is very straight and clean. 
On this picture you can see also the band saw! (And all the dust it makes)

Have a very lovely second Advent weekend!

A bientôt,

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  1. Simply wonderful Stars. I tried a treadle Bandsaw once and kept breaking the blades so sadly gave up. Marion x