Thursday, 8 December 2016

Transformation art at the wall

Since we moved in (7 years ago) I have been only temporarily satisfied with the living room decoration. For two years I had those deco-houses (look up here) and then disliked them again. Now I have two narrow shelfs to put framed pictures and/or deco objects on them. For now I really like it :-)
(Ah yes: since the houses deco, we also changed the orientation of the sofa and got rid of some furniture)
Already with Christmas decoration, but also permanent pieces like the clock and the two framed pictures. See beside the Advent calendar of my sons.
The newest addition to the wall is a wooden magnetic jigsaw. I bought it on the Christmas market of a very likable lady who had the stand beside me. She runs a web-shop for baby equipment and very nice toys. We have been chatting all day and I bought this chameleon:
Originally it comes with a metallic box and you can do and undo the little magnetic pieces inside. Very clever if you take it for kids on a car ride. But as I wanted it as a picture, the box had been too small and from the distance the dark background reduced the brightness of the colors. So I asked my husband to cut me a metallic board 35x35cm and I painted it white from one side and black from the other. For now we only used the white side and transformed the chameleon into the nicest animals. 

The picture changes every two or three days! Little son seems to have a passion for birds. The last two creation are his.

For now I am happy with my living room style. Let's see how long it last this time!

A bientôt,

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