Thursday, 10 September 2015

Double faced skirt

Did you heard that it can be enough to only own one little black dress and being dressed appropriate to all occasions from baptism to funeral? 
If a piece of clothes like that exists, I didn't found it jet. 
Recently I had been in need of a black outfit and I made myself a new skirt from a woolen fabric that has been laying around for a while as I couldn't decide how to cut-sew-use it. I bought it two winters ago to make an over-trousers-skirt and I remember it being expensive, so I didn't want to ruin it. Now, being in need, I made a simple skirt out of it. 
There hasn't been enough fabric to make a proper waistband, so I used black ribbed jersey. The knitted woolen fabric had two nice sides and I couldn't decide for one. Therefore I took a big effort to make it usable from both sides, what means to hide the seams. I am more or less happy with the result. Have a look:

I tried to hem the seam, but it has been too stiff, so I took it off. It is not really proper, but for now I left the hem open. It is a knitted fabric, so it won't fray out, we will see how it looks after a while of wearing it. So far it was okay.
And as planned when buying the fabric it is possible to wear this skirt also over a jeans - I like stretchy skirts.

A bientôt,

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