Wednesday, 26 August 2015

And again ...

Those who want to see something new here, don't have to read any further. Eager to go on with my scraps, I had to interupt because I got a command for 6!!! bags :-( 
Don't missunderstand me: This is my job and I like sewing bags, but just now I want rather being creative than productive.
So this is the 6 customers bags:
This would have been a simple (and fast to sew) shoping bag, if it hasn't been for the zipper. 
Two little oilcloth bags made in my preffered way. Relaxing work!
As this is already the 3rd black and white bag I made in this style, it had been a little boring.
A very maritime tote bag (therefor I will link it to the august collection of maritime crafting by doros-kinderreich). The anchor is applicated but the line holding it is only fixed on top and at the anchor.
Ahhh - Paris! Initially I bought this fabric for other purpose, but I should have hidden it better so clients couldn't see it :-)

My scraps are still spread out on the floor of my sewing room, as I know exactly that if I put them away, they will stay away for a while. Anyway they are gathering dust and I am not sure if I have time to use them, as there are two or three important other things to do and a guest coming next week (remember: sewing room = guest room).


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