Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fall tree

Why is it so d... hard to take a good photo? I took about 50 of my last little wall hanging, but they are all not showing the reality. There are shadows on the photo you are not seeing when looking at it or the colors are too light or suddenly waves in the border... My camera is not the best, but it can make good photos of my boys, why not of my crafting things?
Anyway, here it is: the photo that is showing best the real color of the background:
I had seen a patchworked leaf like that on pinterest and liked it so much I not only pinned it, but also tried it out. This wall-hanging is 70x90cm.
The quilting had been the most fun and had been quickly done in about no time. Actually I have been so happy quilting, that I quilted much nearer to the edge than necessary and now some of the quilted leaves are hidden partly by the binding.
This is what I told you about the colors being too bright. I couldn't get a picture with the dark grey background and the yellow thread of the quilting that shows the real combination. I need to take a photo-course!

A bientôt,

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