Wednesday, 16 September 2015

UFB - longtime UnFinishedBag

I found pieces for a bag that I remember cutting about two years ago. Then they got lost under stacks of other things. Yesterday I finally sewed it:
Normally I am figuring out patterns for myself. Only once jet I bought a pattern for a bag. May I introduce: This is "Claire from Mrs. Machwerk", that I bought in 2010 directly when she released it.
I like the big pocket in the front. You can slid your hands in from both sides (in my version the openings are marked by the yellow bindings).
You can put those big pockets on both sides of the back, but from a previous version I remembered finding it not practically. So the backside is simple black and I added a zipper pocket (that is not in the pattern).
The bag is closed by a zipper and inside there is an open side pocket and I put a clamp to fix the keys.
A funny detail is the knotted straps, also it is not very convenient: when the bag is full and heavy, the knot is pushing hard on your shoulder. But this bag isn't for me and once I knew the next owner, I can sew the straps together in the right length.
And now I have really to start producing for Christmas (market and presents)

A bientôt,

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