Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Too hot for clothes

The last 10 days we have been suffering with the heat. The garden is getting dry and dryer and brown, where I can't/won't water and we are hiding in the house during the day when possible. The most clothes are too hot to wear. I made some very light jersey shorts for my boys. They like to wear them day and night now, so I guess I have to make some more. Two per son might be not enough!

I am not sure why the taller one is blue on his belly, it's not the fabric that stains.
For my younger one I made a pair from a lovely Rhino-Fabric. I bought it even when I thought my kids are too old for it, but no: number 2 loves it.

I took the lillesol basic pattern for sloppy-trousers that I use normally for pyjamas and shortened the legs. It seems to me that they are very comfortable. (I have been playing with the idea to make some for me too, but fear that I might look funny in'em)
I made another pair for a girl, but it left the house so fast I didn't had the time to make a photo. A pity as I painted very nice flowers on it.

I have been quite busy sewing kids summer clothes. Some for my 9month niece and some for the 8month son of friends.
And one of my boys got a T-Shirt also. I though it is too stripy and I painted a death scull with the freezer-paper-technic, that I tried first last year here.

It is very windy today and I hope for some refreshing rain!

A bientôt,

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