Friday, 17 July 2015


My boys like to play with L.E.G.O a lot. They have tons of bricks and pieces and they are building, building, building with the little version. But most creative and imaginative they are playing with the bigger small kids version. They have two special boy figures and they are inventing adventures with them. Surely those two have to come with us on vacation. 
Guess what we are doing in our vacation:
You are right! I am crazy: I made a tent for some l-e-g-o figures! 
Had been fiddly - and fun!
You can close the door with velcro from inside or ty it up with the ribbon. The whole tent is stabilized by two arcs (I used the bows of an old bra :-). In the corners you fix it with four nails to the ground.
Inside the tent there is nothing. The future inhabitants have to bring some pieces of fur to sleep on. Looks confortable, doesn't it?
And now I am off for three weeks! 
Wish you all a very pleasant summer and relaxing vacation if you have any. 
SU again in middle of August!

bientôt en août!
bonne vacances,

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