Wednesday, 15 July 2015

More boats

Normally I don't like at all to make two times the same, but as I had a lot of the "water"-fabric of this project left and our good child likes it a lot, I decided to make her also a blanket like that.
Actually only the fabric I used for the water is the same as for the last blanket. For the sky I found an other woven blanket on the flea market that fits perfect. Only now I have a new leftover of that fabric :-) Somehow it isn't easy to reduce the fabric stack. 
The paper print I used last time for the boats had been too thick and the application had been a nightmare, so this time I used a patchwork coton fabric that has handwriting on it. The piecing and the application had been much easier.
I quilted some randomly wavy lines and rolling waves in the water area and some wide slopes in the sky.
The batting is light and for the back I took a light blue molleton fabric - very cosy! The finished size is 110cm x 175cm.
And now the blanket is on its way to a ninth birthday in northern Germany and digitally on its way to this link-party that is only for maritime crafting. I think this one is as maritime as it can be.



  1. A verschiedenen nice blanker!Thank you for the link to my maritime link-party!

    1. Schön dass dir die Decke gefällt und ich freue mich, dass du meinen Blog besucht hast. Kommentare nehme ich auch sehr gern in Deutsch (da fällt das antworten auch viel leichter) Komme doch auch aus Norddeutschland von der Wasserkante wech :-)
      LG, Jane