Friday, 27 February 2015

Writing case no. IV and a knot in my brain

I had a new request for a writing case. This folder I made in September did a good job advertising and I got a new client. Of course there had been several changes to what should fit inside! I nearly made a knot in my brain to fulfill all requests. 
The stability of this case is again managed by a folder I pieced together myself from cardboard and fabric.
Every piece for the inside pockets had to be figured out, cut and sewed with high concentration to match the sizes of the things that should fit in. I tried once to work on it in the evening, but had to rip up one piece 3 times. 
But now it is ready and I am quite happy with it. Have a look:
The outside is quite simple to let the owls act. The closure is done with large velcro, covered by two owls that fit with the others.
In addition to the obvious pockets on both sides it is again possible to slid papers (or whatever you want) between the pockets and the folder (see for example the white paper on the photo below)
Inside there is on the left side a big pocket to hold an agenda (the one on the photo is not the final one, it should be much thicker). The pocket is decorated again with owls and beside them are places for 3 pencils or pens. 
To hold the agenda in place and for the pocket not become sloppy after a while of use, I stabilized the upside with a stiff double side fusible interfacing. It is an upstanding pocket and you can see the fixing on the photo below.
On the right side there is only one big cushioned pocket for a tablet-PC. It is closed with an also cushioned flap with Velcro. I think a Velcro closing is the most secure after of cause a zipper, but if you are pulling out the tablet all the time over an opened zipper, I guess it will get scratches. To bolster the pocket I used a leftover piece of a Quilt inlay. 
On top of the big pocket is a small one for business cards.
I enjoyed immensely the moment when every piece had been on its place and I finally sewed together everything. It turned out just as I though. Great relief :-)

A bientôt,

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