Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A little repair

Today I changed temporarily my profession to mechanic and took apart my sewing machine. 
Only parts of it, but important parts. Two weeks ago I managed to break a spring in the mechanism of the upper thread tension. It still worked, but I feared it may cause major problems in a moment I am really in need of a working machine. 
As you can see my machine is old. The advantage is, that there is few electricity in it and I can do most of the maintenance myself. The disadvantage is, that you can't find replacement pieces in every sewing machine store.
This are all the pieces of the thread tension with the new spring (right side). 
I think I got them back together in the right order. It is working anyway! 
The tension for sewing is good, but I think there is still a bug, as the tension is still quite strong, when I lift up the foot and pull out the fabric under it. Did anyone know what I might have done wrong? 
May I show you a picture of my beloved Pfaff 230? It is not an automatic one, that means I can only sew straight and zigzag, but hey if I want to have a fancy seam, I can quilt it, can't I. The only (and very small) thing I am missing sometimes is an elastic stitch for sewing T-shirt cuffs. Otherwise it is just great what this machine can sew. It is not even hesitating to go through 4 layers of leather!
My biggest fear is that one day it might be broken and can't be repaired.
Before I got it, the machine had been used in a polish textile factory. It is a table machine and is not a standalone. My husband made me the wooden base already in the beginning of our relationship. Later, when I started quilting he made the extension from Plexiglas. 

Unusual tidy my desk - it won't stay long that way ... 

A bientôt,

edit: I found out what has been the problem. One disc had been installed in the wrong sense. Now everything is working fine! 

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