Sunday, 22 February 2015

Two boring bags

Sometimes I get very nice color combination, that are surprising me as I wouldn't have chosen them myself, when following clients wishes, but this time it has been hard. It should be brown! No other color - just brown! Did you ever try to find a fabric that is just brown with no other color mixed in, but still with a pattern? I couldn't find any that would work for making a bag. I managed to soften it to light brown/beige though. The bag model should be like this ones that I made in November.
The outcome is one of the most boring bags I have ever made:
To add a little life to the brown I fixed the straps on the outside and inserted a little pocket in matching fabric in between. The pocket on one side is open on the other side closed with velcro
Inside is an open pocket and a clips (not visible on the photo) for keys. The bag can be closed with two press-buttons. 
I thought it might be not brown enough and made a second version with dark brown synthetic leather.
To make it a little more interesting for me I inserted this time a zipper as closure. Otherwise it is the same like the first.
I feel a strong desire for color now and will sew something in orange or green to brighten up the week and the grey weather. By the side: my garden is looking brown and brown too :-)

A bientôt,

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