Thursday, 22 January 2015

Shirt rescue

Two weeks ago I had a very very-very VERY stupid accident with a bottle of liquid rubber that I spilled over me and half of the kitchen. It has been easy to clean the kitchen again, I am lucky that I got it out of my face and hair with no big damage, but it is nearly impossible to get the rubber out of fabric. I lost a beloved woolen pullover (cry), a kitchen towel (minor important) and got it on the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt I wore under the pullover (annoying as it has been nearly new).
I now cut of the spoiled parts of the sleeves and replaced them with other jersey fabric. Purposely I made the cuffs very long so they crease a little.
I added a stripe on the bottom seam too, to match the sleeves. As jersey isn't fraying out, I didn't hem the edges neither at the sleeves nor at the bottom. I like that they are rolling up a little.
Like this I rescued at least one victim of this unnecessary incident. From the pullover I cut of the backside, that hadn't any rubber marks and as it has been from wool (merino and cashmere) I felted it in the machine at 60°C and now I have a very soft and light piece of grey felt. I will see if I can make something from it.

A bientôt,

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