Monday, 12 January 2015

Baby clothes

We have the greatest sunshine today! I took the chance and went to the garden to take pictures of all the baby clothes I made lately. A lot of administrative work is stopping me from bigger projects, but those little trousers are the perfect quick projects for in between when you think your head will explode in front of your desk. 
I mainly used the same patterns like for the clothes I tested in December (here). This time I made the "milkmonster"-trousers from jeans. I reused the legs of an old jeans from my darling, he is always wearing up his jeans in the upper part and I already gathered a lot of legs for future projects.
Two of the shirts are again from Schnabelinas free pattern. I just wished I had added an other dividing stripe in the front of the owl-shirt.
I like that pattern, it is great for using up little pieces, but for motive-prints the parts are quite small, so I tried out an other free pattern I found in the web. 
I had quite some difficulties to follow the instructions. My normal machine doesn't have an elastic stitch, so I try to avoid sewing jersey with it. I used wristband material for the neckline an fixed it with the over-lock, but I have never opened up so many seams. Finally it is not too bad, but I have to "use" my little niece again to try it out. 
I also changed the order of sewing it together, I thought it would be too fiddly to close the body and sleeves first and then put it together. 
The only thing I am proud of on this shirt: The stripes in the fabric of the sleeves are lining up perfectly on the seam :-)

A bientôt,

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