Tuesday, 6 January 2015

General calendar 2015

For birthdays and vacation times I have always a calendar in the kitchen, so I am not missing those events (okay, I've never missed vacations even before having a calendar :-). Several years ago I stopped looking for one I like in stores but made one myself and decorated it with little animal icons I found in the web. 
This year I advanced it and I took digitized drawings I made myself to decorate the calendar. 
It's a bit difficult to show here the calendar completely as it should be on size A3. Therefor have a look at those details:


The Sundays are highlighted as well as the official vacation days that are also labeled. In my version I highlighted also the school vacation times for our region in an other color.
If you want to have a copy for personal use, feel free to download as pdf-file. It is in A3 format, so probably not everybody is able to print it at home (I let my husband print it at work), but probably every copy-shop can do. 

J'espére bien que c'est utile pour quelques uns de vous!

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