Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last triangle quilt

As I have nothing new to show, here are pictures from the last triangle quilt I made in 2012/13. It has been a birthday present for my husband, but it took from his birthday in spring (where I had finished half of the top) until middle of next winter until I finished it.
I used old shirts (you are right I have plenty of those, as you can see in several projects along the year) from him and my dad and two blouses of me. 
The backside is light blue fleece and I did only a minimum of quilting. The photo is done while the quilt was lying on frozen snow, this is why it is looking a bit wobbly, the surface hasn't been even.
The size is 195cm by 132cm. Very comfortable to wrap in on cold evenings on the sofa. (And I have my blanket again for myself :-)


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