Friday, 17 October 2014

bonnets and loops

Autumn is coming with a lot of wind and you should start thinking of protecting heads and throats from the cold. I made some light jersey loops and fitting bonnets for kids that are great for fall, but also for winter days, when it is too cold to be without something on your head, but not icy.
Both, loop and bonnet can be used from both sides, just as one feels like.
I like loops for kids, as they can't loose them as easily as normal scarfs that are always sliding from their necks.
The bonnets are cut low on the sides, so they cover the ears. I find it hard to buy bonnets that covers the ears. Most of them are straight and at least on the heads of my sons they are moving always up and the ears get cold and in some cases infected. 
For the bonnets I have two slightly different types. One has two points and the other three. I don't know if it is really visible on the photo, so here is a detail:
I am making slightly different sizes, but as the jersey is really stretchy the bonnets can be used for several years, even when the kids head is growing. I made the pattern myself, from the examples of two bonnets I once had for my boys.
One of the loops (the green and dark blue one) has been already stolen by my elder son, so I have to make some more for the shop and the market. I already ordered more jersey.

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