Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bibs with sleeves

I get already in Christmas stress. Too early? No, it's not! The next two weeks we have fall-vacation (we are leaving for 10 days to Germany, so less or no sewing), then it is already November and in the end of November there is the Christmas market where I have a stand. And between vacation and Christmas market there is also a Halloween-night-walk to organize for the school and the birthday of my eldest to celebrate. Do you understand that I am getting nervous because of all the ideas in my head to try out before the market and not enough time to manufacture as many things as I want/need? 
And like every year I ask myself: "Why didn't you start earlier?" :-) Always the same...

I made lately some bibs. I didn't made those since my youngest can eat more or less properly. I nearly forgot how messy it is to cut and sew terry cloth! Fuzzes everywhere! 
I am convinced that the only useful bibs are those with sleeves, as baby's like to hang also their arms in their plates and not only dripping sauce to their body. So I get rid of all simple bibs very early in my career as mom and made only sleeve bibs from a pattern I formed from one single bib I bought at a flea-market.
These are the six ones I sewed last weekend and decorated them with applications:

As my darling took my camera to a business trip, I had to activate an old camera. After some problems with the picture size and quality, I made photos and I will put them in the shop as soon as a friend corrects my french description. I also photographed some more things I made lately, but those are for tomorrow ... or Friday.


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