Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stamping II

This week I carved my first stamps in rubber. I finally found a set of linoleum cutters (did I already mentioned, that I am living in a crafting-material-dessert?) and started directly on some eraser gums (available in every supermarket).
The first one is the clover (2x2cm) and then I made the chicken (1,5x1,5cm). So much fun! But I guess I need an even more smaller cutter for the insides. 
I used the stamps to decorate a post-it-block. On every page a little picture makes a normal post-it much more fun. Incredible what for storys you can make with just two chicken, they are so funny. Sometimes I added some words too. Have a look at some of the pages...
I will make some more stamps (maybe a rabbit or a butterfly) and produce an Easter collection of note pads.

A bientôt,

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