Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring houses

I redecorated my living room houses. I am not completely satisfied, but I will leave soon for two weeks and then Easter is coming, so the style might be okay for Easter season. Have a look:
I already have those felt chicken for a long time. The post-card has been made in water color by a former college of mine. It has been me who painted the egg, also at least 10 years ago.
The next house didn't change a lot since winter decoration. I only glued green paper leaves to the twig and added a little garland with fabric pennons. 
When trying making nests out of twigs (see here), I made also some little crowns that didn't turn into nests. One of them is now inhabited by the last felt chicken and the left overs of a broken, hand painted by me :-(, eggshell. I let it drop while handling with the decoration of that house.
The next house has a nest on the roof, where is a fabric bird in, that I made a few years ago following this tutorial. Inside the house is for now just a little flower vase and an allover painted egg-shaped stone.
And in the last house there are some origami-tulips I made with my kids, together with the second half of the fabric garland from house two and an other little twig crown.
I just see that the photos are not the best quality, but we had very little sunshine the last three days and flash-light photos are not nice either.

And now I got finally a delivery of jersey fabrics and need to make some more pyjama pants ...

A bientôt,

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