Saturday, 3 February 2018

More scrappy baskets ...

And again photos of scrappy baskets. I can't stop myself. And also there are lots of precut strips in my sewing room as I cut way too much for my shopping basket.
To use up some of them I made two bread baskets. I think they might be useful and pretty. They will find new owners soon! A pity I didn't develope that method before Christmas, that would have made Christmas presents for everyone :-)

There are still colorful scraps left, but I had the idea of a blue and green shopping basket for a friend, so I cut some more strips from uni colored green and blue fabrics. (Again too much). I love the result! I made it 5 cm lower than mine (so it's 35cm in hight) and I think the proportions are perfect now!
The latest basket used up half of the leftover scraps from the shopping basket plus a little orange and as well the bottom that I made for my very first basket where it has been too small. Here it fit perfectly!
Yes I know I promised a tutorial and it will come. Be patient! I am preparing it. Not so easy to get it on photo, I maybe need to do a video. 

A bientôt,

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