Thursday, 8 February 2018

Scarf with button

I am addicted to scarfs! 
The longer the better! 
I love if I can turn them at least three times around my neck! 

But sometimes if you are moving a lot and bending down, they are undoing themselves and the ends are hanging around bothering you. Lately that got on my nerves when working outside and looking after my horse. So I made myself a kind of shawl collar. I didn't want to have a loop as they are more loosely around the neck and I wanted it warm!
The inside is a leftover from the backside of a quilt. It is real heavy fleece that's extremely warm. 
I didn't want the side seams to scratch on my chin or neck, so I turned the fleece over the edge. On the end it is fixed with a button and an elastic hairband :-)
It is so warm and comfortable! I wonder why I didn't made one before! 
Only I am not sure the white will stay white very long when I wear it daily in the stable. 
I probably have to make a second one! 
And I need a matching hat, too! 
Again an example that one will never run out of sewing projects :-)

A bientôt,

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  1. I like your scarf...the fabrics are so great. :)

    Have a nice day...the Nähbegeisterte