Thursday, 18 January 2018

Shopping basket

The little basket I showed you in my last post had been so much fun, I immediately started on a big one! I wanted a shopping basket that is standing upright by itself so it might be easier to fill it. It turned out great! 
Isn't it nice? I am so happy with it! I will tell you how I did and my mistakes :-)

I measured a reusable plastic shopping bag and took the same dimensions. I wanted something colorful and tipped over my scrap drawer and cut and cut and cut. I thought I would need lots of bands and didn't calculate at all. I laid out all scraps sorted by colors on the couch table and elder son helped me to bring them in a nice order. Then I attached all pieces and achieved a band of 40!! m length!
Then I calculated and found out that with 40 meters I could made a sac about 90cm high! Oups!
I wrapped the band around a little matlas that had about the circumference of my planned bag and decided which colors I wanted absolutely to keep. Then I ripped off some connecting seams and reassembled a band of 20m length.
The sewing of the bag body took quite a while and was hard work for my arms and shoulders as it got heavy with the stable lining an intermediate layer and the light scraps. Not so easy to turn it around the machine. But no reason to never do it again. Actually I want to make a second one that is about 5cm lower. I think that would look better.
This are the two sides. There are only slight differences.
Today I took it to the grocery store! The colors made me smiling during my shopping, even when outside is horrible weather and inside it has been crowdy.
Don't you want to make one yourself? Maybe I will take photos and post a little tutorial! Watch out for it.

A bientôt,

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  1. I love your bag!
    please do a tutorial, that would be great!

    kind regards!

    1. Tutorial is ready :-)
      hope you like and understand it!

  2. Die Einkaufstasche sieht toll aus! Ich warte dann mal auf Fotos und das Tutorial..

    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Die Einkaufstasche sieht wunderschön aus und bereitet sicherlich gute Laune beim Einkaufen. Ich würde mich über eine Anleitung sehr freuen. LG Sabine