Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Socks for St-Nicholas

Hey there! 
I didn't planned to neglect this blog for 2 month! There had been lots of other things taking my attention, stopping me from being creative. Some still do, but I hope I will manage soon to do everything. Maybe in 2018 I become super-woman! ;-)

Today it's St Nicolas day. Normally not a day that we are celebrating, but yesterday youngest-son put his boot out telling me, he wanted to see if it "works". First-son did equally. So mom had to do something. Both don't believe in Santa, so I guess they know who is filling the boots, too. I took out the first advent calendar that I made when the boys had been little. At that time to avoid the risk of an over-excited child opens more than one package per day, I made stockings for everybody and filled them new every day. That's how it has been looking at that time:
Horrible photo!
I made one sock per family member, but mine had been rarely filled with anything. As my husband has other access to chocolate he didn't emptied his every day neither. The boys did! 
I stitched our names in the socks, but you can't read them. The dwarf on the sled is from first-son, the dwarf climbing the rope is little-son (funny, alpine climbing is now his sport :-)), my husband is the Santa-dwarf and mine is decorating the tree (I always wanted to stitch some more details on it, but never finished). 
Yesterday evening I filled those socks with sweets and nuts and dried fruits and hung them up very early today in front of our entrance. 
It has been 5 years now that we didn't used this socks and little son didn't remembered them at all! This is the advent calendar we are using now. I showed it in 2014.

Hope you all had a very nice start in the Christmas-season!

A bientôt,

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