Thursday, 14 December 2017

Lots of pillows

Three month ago we bought a long needed new sofa. The old one was so used, we couldn't even donate it. Of course I felt guilty to dump everything, so we took the pieces apart and kept two foam matrasses and lots of cushion inlays. I now have filling material until the end of my life!
I tried to use some up and filled new pillows. Even when I first said I didn't want to, I had last weekend a stand on a private Christmas market and therefor I produced... Sorry for the bad photos, I took them with flash the evening before the market.

First I made a bunch of neck pillowsThey swallow a lot of filling material!
I forgot to take photos before the market and now they are all gone. 

Then I used a quilting exercise for a pillow 55x55cm:

This pillow I thought would be great for a children room. I am happy to sell it to someone who loved it on first view.

In my cupboard I found two little pillow cases that had been with the old sofa, but at that time I have made new ones in a contrasting color, so they had been used very little. I washed them, made pillows for stuffing them and applicated stars. I sold them very cheap as Christmas decoration.

And last I made a big pillow 45x90cm. Could be used on the floor or as a back rest. The basic fabric is sturdy and the color is a dark aubergine (A big scrap, someone gave to me years ago). I decorated it with appicated flowers and quilted tendrils.

I had lot more ideas for pillows, but didn't had the time to realise thoses. 
I also had two white patchwork pillows left that I made two years ago. Don't know why they are not selling. I still like them! Of course the color isn't very practical.

This is my stand on the market. Except of the pillows I only had some bags and pouches I had on stock and my obligatory little bags from wax-cloth.

Unfortunately the market wasn't very frequented so I still have some pillows left and don't know where to store them. Did anybody want's to have one? Please! :-)

A bientôt,

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