Thursday, 26 January 2017

Two unicolored yoga bags

Recently I got the demand for a simple yoga-mat-bag like this one, that I made last year and since I made several alike - all with floral fabrics. 
Now, the demand was a unicolored bag in blue! My first thought was: "Boring! A unicolored bag, you can also buy in shops, you don't need to buy a handmade one." But then I started thinking, and unicolored doesn't mean that I can't use different colors, only the fabrics need to be blue and from one color. See the result:
I love it. Maybe I should start yoga to have a bag like this for myself!  :-)

I liked it so much, that I made directly a second one - this time in pink to blackberry colors. 
Anybody want's to have it? 

A bientôt,

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