Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Transparent pouches

Inspired or infected via pinterest, I started a new "product line": Transparent pouches!
After seeing enough different examples I went to the fabric store and bought two different transparent foils. One has been very thick and I tried that one first.
I really liked the result! The foil was easy to sew, but very hard to turn. But being stiff, it holds the pouch bold, even when there is nothing inside. And even being that stiff, you didn't see any traces of the effort of turning!
I thought it could be easier to turn, when the zip is on top and tried it that way - but no! I had a thinking error, and had to add a seam on the bottom and not only on the sides like for the first one. It had been impossible to form the corners nicely, because of the thickness of the material. I gave it my son for an overnight stay at his friend.
Next try with the thin foil that has decorative dots on it. Easy to turn, but it keeps marks from the turning :-(
So back to the thick material! 
I made a very simple pouch using bias tape for around (means no turning) and press buttons (so no fiddling with the zipper and ironing). It's okay, but not as charming as the others. Probably because the fabric is missing.
(maybe I add a pecker between the two buttons - could be funny for kids!)
I also tried out a tutorial to make a foldable pouch, but it didn't convinced me neither. I found a third typ of foil, but it's not as stable as the others. The pouch is closed by velcro and it's very hard to open the two compartments.
So still the first one is my favourite, even when hard to turn over. My sewing friends, with which I meet every once in a while to sew little projects together, liked also the first one best. So monday, we made some together.
I disliked for my pouch, that the seam allowance from the fabric is visible and not clean inside:
So I proposed to my friends to add a bias tape and it's a much more tidy finish:
I have still material left, so I will make some more and will also try out a bigger transparent bag. I will let you know how that turns out!

A bientôt,

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