Thursday, 5 January 2017

Three trousers for 2017

A happy new year to everyone!
May it be happy and healthy and creative for you!
May the world become more peaceful and people helping each other in difficult times!

I wanted to start this blog-year with something pretty, but I have nothing nice to show! So this is what I started my crafting year with!
Three trousers - all very much needed: A new pyjama pant for me (those I made 2 years ago for me are worn off by now), a jogging trouser for son A and a corduroy trouser for son B!
When taking a picture of the corduroy trousers, I remembered that I still had photos of a similar pair that I made last year and never showed here. What do you say: I made them last year in January too and it's the same pattern (only one size larger this time), the same fabric, for the same son and he still wears striped blue shirts with it :-)
I used my usual pattern for jogging pants, because my kids love to wear them, but I don't like to see them all the time in sweat. I added pockets in front and back and this year even a fake zipper cover.

I also sewed a bonnet (from the scraps of the jogging pant) and after a year or so thinking about it, I finally made curtains for the window in our office. While doing those, son B wanted to try my machine and I let him zig-zag the borders. He got immediately fixed and wanted to sew more and more, so we started kind of sewing lessons! So fun!
We had to put the pedal onto a box, because his legs are not jet long enough (even when I think they are endless, because he needs new trousers all the time!)

I hope all your good wishes may come true!
Bonne annee 2017!

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