Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wrapping paper storage

Do you also have a problem stocking up your wrapping paper? If you lay them flat they are taking a lot of space, but upright they are unrolling or tipping over ... For a while I had them standing in a big flowerpot and lately in some pieces of a fat cardboard roll, taped together: 
Not very stylish or nice, but doing its duty, except that I didn't like to move it for vacuum cleaning, so it had been always a dirty corner. Then I remembered something I saw once on pinterest (sorry I didn't kept the pin) and I made a bag around.
In there is even space for an other piece of cardboard-roll in it and I could put in also all adhesive foils and transparent foils (for wrapping school-books). The bottom of the sack is stable with synthetic leather. Also that material is not taking as much dirt as cotton. The upper part of the sack is cotton pulled together with a cord.
If I open up the cord, the cotton part is sacking down and I can take out the paper I need:
I think it is a clever idea and more tidy and nicer to look at. Thanks to whoever had that idea!

A bientôt,

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