Monday, 13 June 2016

washbag - advanced and simple

Last week I tried to make a washbag. My students asked to make some simple ones. As I don't like bags that are not doubled, I started working on one, that is doubled and that has an inside zip-pocket as a divider between the two sides as well as some elastic bands to hold the bottles upright. 
What can I say: I don't like the result at all. First of all I got a little out of size. I measured the regular shampoo-bottles and calculated from that on a case with enough space that you can store two or three bottles of that size (for example bodylotion often has the same dimensions) and all the little things a girl needs and still close it easily. It is too big!
I also don't like the lining that is never straight in the corners, but always a little wavy. I don't know how to avoid that. I always disliked the lining in little pouches. Last year I spend some time finding a way to do the perfect lining. Have a look here
The only thing that is not so bad is the dividing middle pocket. I found the idea on Pinterest and I will certainly make it again for a messenger bag. 

Okay - this washbag is a waste of fabric and I won't use it as a project for my sewing students. As the lesson was approaching I decided on a very simple and basic pouch without any inside dividers. Kind of an overnighter washbag and nothing you take with you for a long journey. 
And see: it worked easy and my students have been happy with theirs.
This is the first one I made. As it isn't doubled, you have the raw edges inside, what I don't like. I tested a binding around the seam allowance and it worked fine. For the binding I used kite-fabric so everything stays water-resistant. It isn't as fiddly as you might think to put it on.
I tried also a second one that is a bit bigger and has more stable oil-cloth. I though the grey fabric might be too boring, so I added a braid in pink. I like it! This time I didn't find a material I could use for binding the inside seam allowances, so there are still the raw edges inside.

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