Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Flying snakes

We celebrated little son's 7th birthday this weekend. As I don't like to give bonbon bags or cheap plastic gifts to the invited children, I made this year throwing-snakes (? can't find a proper translation. In german it is "Wurfschlange").
They are made from parachute silk. The head is stuffed with scraps of fleece to soften and a bit of lead to make it heavieer, so it can be thrown.
I only had two colors of fabric, but I made different combination, so each snake is different.

We had a snake attack in the garden!
Each child grabbed one and they had a fun time throwing them back and forth. There are two ways to throw them. Either you take them by the head and throw it like a ball, or you take the tail and swirl it around and then letting go. The second method is more powerful, but you need to practice otherwise the snake flies to wherever it likes (we had one on the roof of our house).
Can you see the three snakes in the air?

Hope you had a fun and sunny weekend too!

A bientôt,

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