Thursday, 28 January 2016

Some jeans and one corduroys

I spend some time repairing jeans. One of my most favourite (!Attention ironic!) sewing duties! Only topped by changing zippers on coats (what I also did this week). 
This is probably not a very interesting blog post, but I show you anyway some of my mended jeans. This one had been ripped on one knee. As it has been already a little short in length, but otherwise fitting really well, I cut of the whole leg and fit in an extension. 
The next one had both knees either ripped or already very thin. I opened up the side seams and fit in a complete new knee recycling an old jeans by keeping the old side seam. 
The third jeans I am showing is one of mine and it is so comfortable that I decided that also an adult woman can walk around with a mended jeans. I put a pocket over it that I kept from an other of my old jeans. It's now kind of cargo trousers style, except that the pocket is not at the side of the leg.
After repairing so many old trousers, I wanted to see a new one and made one in corduroy for my youngest. I took the pattern I am normally using for pyjama or training trousers and added some pockets. It is very comfortable to wear - my son told me.


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  1. Eine sehr feine Cordhose! Zu der Farbe passt einfach alles! Danke für's Verlinken bei Cord, Cord, Cord!
    Viele Grüße
    Mara Zeitspieler