Monday, 18 January 2016

Crown for "Galette de rois"

In France in beginning of January you are eating lots of "galette de rois". This is a cake for the twelfth day (dt=Dreikönigstag). Inside there is a little figure hidden and the person who finds it in his piece is the king (fr=roi) and gets a crown. When you are buying the cake there is always a paper crown with it. 
Mostly those galettes are filled with marzipan (almond paste), what I don't like so much. Last weekend I made my first galette de roi myself from a french recipe that I found here on pinterest. Even the puff pastry (dt=Blätterteig, fr=pâte feuilletée) I made myself with a recipe from the same blog. It turned out absolutely gorgeous. Or what do you think? Isn't the look perfect?
I made a fabric crown to go with and put a little plastic heard inside the filling for the king. 
The filling isn't almond paste but chocolate-hazelnut-paste. The taste was fine, but I didn't liked the structure it had in the mouth that much - maybe it had been the chocolate I used. Everybody else loved it, so I can tell the cake and crown had been a great success.


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  1. Hey ! just perfect ! Glad to see that this galette is international ^^ I like the crown ;)