Tuesday, 5 January 2016


For the end of the year we had friends with several children staying with us. Altogether we have been 10 persons. With lots of people in the house I am having always a problem with the drinking glasses, that are standing everywhere and you never remember which one is yours. Especially when you are drinking water, I don't think it's necessary to wash them after every meal. 
I know there are glass markers you can buy, but of cause I only remembered too late to order those. So the day of the guest's arrival I quickly crafted my own solution with rubber bands. 
The elastics are not very pretty, but it had been the only ones I had in the house. You can't use decorative elastic straps like I use for sewing, as it is too slippery and slides down the glass.
I decorated each band different with scraps from oil cloth, pearls, little ribbon scraps and buttons. Here are some examples:

They haven't all been very pretty, but the system worked very well with our guests! For the next time I will either think of something new or buy nice markers if I find any.


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