Monday, 26 October 2015

Double bag

A cousin gave me some of her scraps. It's exciting to have scraps that you don't know since you bought the fabric yourself. Also much different fabrics to those I use normally. I immediately fell in love with two pieces of chenille in pink and light green and transformed them into two flat pouches, lined with another "new" scrap in light rose.
I had the idea to use both pouches together as one bag. Why doing always inside pockets for the little stuff you are carrying around?

As for my last project, the pouches are ready since 10days, but it took me so long to find rings to combine them. I thought carabiner would do but they are not wide enough. The rings I have now are 6cm in diameter and the largest I could find. They are maybe even a little bit too large. 
I like this idea a lot and will probably make some more double bags like that. Now that I have the rings ... 

A bientôt,

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