Friday, 23 October 2015

Scrappy key chains

After needing an eternity to find the right rings, I finished today the last 10 of 16 short key chains in only 15 minutes. 
I attach various scraps to long ribbons, iron the borders to the inside (like for bias tape) and applicate them to cotton belt straps that is 3cm wide. The longest part of all is the ironing.
I like to add a fitting motif ribbon like a bunting if I have one in the right colors and if I think of adding it in the right moment (really: sometimes I am finishing the application of the scrappy bias tape still having the little piece of ribbon in my hand to not forget it!)
The chains are about 15cm long and I have them in nearly all color combinations. They last long (I had one for over 2 years in daily use before it wore of) and you can wash them with your laundry if they are getting too dirty.
I make those since several years and they are selling very good. 
Finally one thing of the stack of unfinished work is done. You won't believe how difficult it is to find those D-rings (or half-moon-rings). I have been to every hardware store in the area to find them and finally had to order them in internet, where the price of the shipping had been higher than the price of the rings and this after I ordered three times as much as I needed. But now I am safe for a while.

A bientôt,

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