Sunday, 1 November 2015


Two weeks of fall vacation, leaves a lot of time for me and the kids to do Halloween crafting and yesterday evening we used it all for decorating our front yard for a party with lots of friends.
I will just show some of it here. Most of the ideas I found on pinterest.
 We transformed plenty of old jars and glasses to lamps that spend only little light, but were very decorative on the tables and buffet.
This bats my youngest made with his friend from toiletpaper rolls. We didn't invite them to the party. They are flying in the kitchen.
I like to attach a little game for the kids, instead of giving them the bonbons directly. This year I hung up some ghosts in the forest behind our house and send the kids in with torch lights to count them. Those who came back with the right number, could have sweets. 
This ghosts are made from cast. Had been a funny mess to make them. Of course my two shining ghosts from last year are also in the woods to haunt a bit. I still think they are the most friendly ghosts!
We had a fun party! Today we will tidy up and I will put all the decoration away, because after two weeks of thinking only Halloween, I don't like to see it any more. I will set up some pretty fall decoration now.

A bientôt,

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