Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer houses

I didn't jet showed you my summerly decorated houses on the living room wall, mainly because I didn't finished it until yesterday :-). Somehow there haven't been any inspirations. You can have a look at the former decorations here and here
House one is hosting lavender and a snail. For putting the lavender twigs upright I drilled small holes in a piece of leftover wood. It is tending to tip over, but I fixed it with a piece of patafix.
 The second house didn't changed at all, I just dusted it.
House number three has a maritime touch. In a box with treasures from my childhood I found this wooden boat and added a post-card with a fish and waves (hardly visible).
You have already seen the flower zen-tangle I made last month. It has it's place now in the fourth house and three other snails for company. They are not allowed to eat those flowers! It is still looking a little empty, isn't it?
In the last house is a happy worm and his offspring living, who would love to eat the flowers and grass I put in using the same method as for the lavender.
In fact I it has been so easy and I liked the effect of the wooden-pieces spiked with green, that I quickly made a table decoration out of a branch of floating wood. Some little holes, some herbs (my oregano is flowering and it looks still nice, when it is dry), weeds and seed capsules (poppy and montbretia) and I have a new decoration for my dining table. As the branch isn't straight it is perfectly stable. 

A bientôt,
Jane (qui est bien occupee de perfectionner sa boutique)

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