Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fortune in a cookie

One Sunday morning in beginning of August I found by chance sewn fortune cookies in the internet. I loved the idea and had to try out immediately! They are done in no time and I put two of them on the cushions of our guest beds for welcoming my parents at their latest visit.
Apparently I am the last person who found that idea. At the blog where I found the tutorial, there is a link to explanations on an other blog and it is mentioned that there are plenty of instructions in the web. Following that link I found a tutorial that again is linked to an other source and mentioned that there are plenty of instructions in the web. 
- Okay! - 
My first sight of fortune cookies has been here, but you can find plenty of other instructions in the web :-)

I only added one step to the instructions and closed part of the finished cookie, so the message can not fall out as easily. Of course it is also more fiddly to put the message in. I marked on the picture where I added a seam.
Cute idea, perfect for using up scraps, perfect last minute gift! The longest it took me to write a message!

Bonne chance et a bientôt,

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