Monday, 7 July 2014

late-night money pouch

Tip: If you remember around 10pm that your son needs to take a little money to his one week outdoor-camp and that you don't have a money pouch that would be accepted by a boy and you decide to quickly sew one, than you should always choose a pattern you already know, or one with a good explanation and size details! You should not try to invent your own pattern! Because then you will need a lot of time, ripping up useless seams and making a knot in your tired brain while thinking how to put together all parts and still be able to turn it...
Anyway, the result is not that bad and my eldest agreed to use it :-)
It is about 8 by 10 cm and on the backside is a loop to fix it to a belt. Inside you have a zipper closed pocket for money and a compartment that will for now host a paper with address and name and so on and some band-aids.

I forgot a strap, to be able to use it with a carabiner too, this will be in the advanced pattern, if I am upgrading it a bit for future pouches...


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